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How To: Nicki Minaj Inspired (Alexander Wang) Designer Color Block Shift Dress DIY #DGIJ D25

Welcome to Daily Glory in June!

I made a beautiful color block dress. I love the Alexander Wang dress , Nicki Minaj was recently photographed in. I wanted to recreate the color block look but without the designer label price tag. I also am definitely beyond my crop top days since having my two kiddos.

This dress was easy to make and I will show you the easiest way I came up with. 🙂


* I used 4 yards of fabric in total. 2 yards of fabric in the light blue and 2 yards of fabric in dark blue.


Layer both of your fabrics parallel to each other on a flat surface. Pick your first fabric. Fold the fabric double, make sure the fold is positioned at the outside vertically. Do the same for the second fabric, make sure the fabric faces the opposite direction. Both fabrics should be facing each other, with the folds facing outward at the perimeter. Find a dress that fits well, position the dress in the center of both fabrics, layer the dress in the center where the fabric meet. Pin your template dress in place over the two fabrics and cut around the dress. Be sure to tuck in the sleeves.

You will now have four panels of fabric in the shape of a dress. Pin the top two pieces at the center, pin vertically. Sew the dual pieces together. Repeat the same pinning steps for the bottom two pieces of dress fabric. You now should have a front and back to your dress. You can fold the top panel in half and cut any excess fabric to create symmetry, do the same for the (back)bottom fabric of the dress. Turn the bottom of your dress face up and the top of your dress face down. Sew the sides and top of the dress together. Be sure to leave the neck hole, arm opening and bottom of the dress open.

Next, make sleeves. Easy Peasy!

Choose the color fabric you would like your sleeves to be. Fold the sleeves so that the material stretches horizontally. This will make your sleeves more comfy and stretchy for wear. Grab a shirt that has the ideal sleeve length that you would like. Layer the sleeve fabric fold facing upward. Pin the shirt’s sleeve over the folded fabric. Cut around the fabric. Use your first sleeve as a template and repeat the previous steps to create your second sleeve. Leave the shoulder of your sleeve open, pin the inner length of fabric at the end of  the shoulder opening.

How to attach the sleeves: Turn the dress inside out and place on a flat surface. Turn one sleeve outside out. Insert the sleeve to the opposite side of the dress. Pin the shoulder of the sleeve to shoulder of your dress. Pin the bottom of the sleeve to the bottom of the dress. Pin the fabric perimeter around the sleeve, fabric to fabric.  Sew in place. Repeat for sleeve number two.

Hemn the bottom of the sleeves, neck hole, bottom of the dress. Oila, Your dress is now ready for wear.

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