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Kids Room DIY Decor Ideas and Organization (Lego Pillows & More!)

I have wanted to update my little’s bedroom for a long time. This year has been busy with school, internship, family, self and other projects. But with my summer hiatus I was gifted the opportunity to put my petal to the metal and whip up some fun and friendly kid centered DIY’s.

1. The most important step for the room makeover was to wash the walls, and to sweep and scrub the floors. Also to get rid of clutter and “donate-ables”. Organize the furniture to maximize space opportunity in the room.


2. Second consider your window and bed as the main centerpieces of the room. For My room makeover, I placed the reading corner under the window for higher impact on natural lighting. I also moved the beds parallel to the window (on the opposite side of the room) for high impact on the sunrise and sunsets.


3. Update and refresh the wall art and wall displays.  I like wall art but, I also like streamline displays. I removed all artwork that looked out of place or unfinished. I also added contact paper to the bed panels and the book shelfs to lighten the coloring of the room.


4. Next, I refreshed the bedroom with some fun DIY’s including a reversible duvets, lego pillows, a chair cover, a reading cave canopy, and a spray painted dresser.


5. I added coat and bag hooks on the walls for the little’s to hang their coats and hats instead of trying to hang them in the closet (too high for them to reach).


6. I added a shoe basket to end all of the missing shoe searches that were happening on a regular morning basis.

Watch the video for more details of the room makeover:


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