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Mr. And Mrs. Tag Challenge!

My husband and I had so much fun doing the Mr. and Mrs. Tag Challenge. This is a fun tag for couples to do, we had so many laughs as we answered the questions. It felt like we were on our very own game show.

The questions:

1) Who is the most romantic?
2) Who is the best at surprises?
3) Who is the best cook?
4) Who is the funniest?
5) Who is the cleanest?
6) Who takes the longest shower?
7) Who is the best dancer?
8) Who is the most attractive?
9) Who has the biggest sweet tooth?
10) Who farts the most?
11) Who tweets the most?
12) Who is the better singer?
13) Who makes the best cup of tea?
14) Who reads the most?
15) Who eats more?

Watch the video below to see how we answered. 🙂


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