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30 Day Vegan Challenge! Body Reset

Hi Friends,

I have made it to day 11 of A 30 Day Vegan Challenge Body Reset. The challenge is to eat vegan meals and snacks for 30 days straight. That means no meat, and no dairy. I am also trying to curve out gluten and grains in general. I will continue to eat oatmeal, popcorn (non microwaved), and peanut butter. These were items that I added back into my diet after completing a 30 day Paleo challenge  and ongoing Paleo-ish lifestyle.

I am posting vegan meal ideas on my instagram daily, so be sure to follow me to get inspiration for healthy meal options, even if you are not a full time vegetarian or vegan, you may be enticed to try a meal here or there. 🙂

I wanted to recap my first week of the challenge:

Bloat: I felt super bloated on day 2 and day 3. I was bloated and cramping so bad that I was bed ridden. I was not drinking enough water and I think that I had not been snacking enough as my previous diet had my caloric intake and energy regulated. I started snacking more often, drinking more water and taking Gas X to help settle my tummy. I also found that drinking lemon water helped to naturally alleviate some bloat symptoms.

Mood Swings: I have been more diligent about managing my mood, I have found that my mood has been more mellow and calm since the challenge began. I feel calmer and less reactive to traffic, stress and surprises.

Tired: I have been more tired and at the same time more awake. I find that my body is definitely sluggish but I have been trying out P90X for a few days and my body is not used to the new cardio program. I sleep pretty well and find that I am sleeping deeper than before.

Tech & Strategy: I plan to buy more “just in case” snacks. I made several unexpected pit stops to the grocery store because I kept underestimating how much food I needed for snacking. Buying more than I expect as far as freezable’s has been helpful. Whenever I ran low on snacks I would make a vegan fruit smoothie ( as a meal replacement) and that has been my biggest “curve ball” advantage.

Skin: My skin has been pretty icky this week and from what I have found online, this is a normal reaction from my body purging old toxins and my skin will likely clear up and begin to glow in the near future….I cannot wait! I love glowing skin.

Family Feedback: My hubby and kids are still on a Paleo meal plan and lifestyle. They are supportive and will try my Vegan meals. The favorite of the week was the Tofu Faux Fish Sticks (posted on Instagram), they gobbled them right up and could not taste any big difference.

Outside Factors: This week and last week have been been super stressful. Someone hit (and ran) my car while it was parked. My car was totaled. My kiddo’s also are transitioning to a new school and we are going on a road trip out of town (planning and packing). Plus the fun of a new meal plan has left me with plenty to juggle. I am none the less excited that I am still in the Vegan challenge and I’m excited to experience week 2.

I will be sure to share a weekly recap for the remaining weeks to come.

Watch the video below for more details:


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