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Week 2 Recap of the 30 Day Vegan Challenge! Body Reset!

Hi Friends,

I am running a tad behind this week as I had taken a short road trip to my home town Portland Oregon! I had fun seeing my family and friends and miss them already.

I had a great time maintaining my Vegan Challenge (gas station to gas station) and finding quick vegan friendly meal options. If you stop by my Instagram @ craftsandglory I have posted several meals and snacks that I enjoyed on the road trip and in Portland.

So let us discuss how the second week of my Vegan Challenge has gone. I’m currently at day 18!

Week 2 was better because I am getting the hang of grocery shopping and buying freezable’s such as frozen fruits and veggies to make meal replacement smoothies. I also bought some corn tortilla wraps and an assortment of cans of beans. I try to buy the organic chickpeas, black peans and pinto beans to add to my quick dinners and lunches. Soaking beans takes forever and my husband does not eat them because he is Paleo…

Weekly Stats

Bloat: The bloat is definitely over! The only food that still causes some bloating are collard greens but I love them too much to part from them. I have been drinking more water and I think that is really helping.

Mood Swings: I still feel more patient and calm. I also have practiced daily meditation and I think my focus is improving relating to limited mood swings.

Tired: I am not as tired as I was on week 1 but I also have been sleeping in due to catching a summer cold. I think it is related to the stress that occurred from week #1. I have not been doing any cardio last week. Just meditation and walking.

Tech & Strategy: I think this week I will be sure to create a master grocery list that includes all of the basics for my meal prep for the week. I have been trying to go off memory but that is less successful than having a master list handy. I imagine I can also save time while shopping.

Skin: My skin has been calmer this week. I know that drinking water has helped. I also think the veggies help to improve digestion and in turn my body is processing nutrients at a higher capacity.

Family: I have has a few Vegan faves this week at meal time. My kids love my cashew Alfredo sauce with cooked zucchini noodles. My family also really enjoy the vegan Avocado & Collard (Greens) Egg Rolls (Recipe coming soon!). With the family eating some Vegan meals even though they are Paleo feels good and supportive.

Outside Factors: The situation with my car, the vacation and road trip caused me to have some imbalance as far as routine and I think that may have complicated or over extended my energy. I would love to see how the week goes next week because the boys will be in their summer camp and I can get back to my regular day to day routine.

Be sure to look out for next weeks post: I will be sharing my thoughts regarding transitioning to my previous Food lifestyle Paleo. (* Spoiler alert: Not sure I will go back, but maybe I will on a smaller scale….)

Read my Recap from week 1:




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