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Week 3 Vegan Recap & Vegan Master Grocery List ( For Weekly Shopping)

Good Day Friends,

I am here with a recap for my third week of my 30 Day Vegan Challenge. This week was better for me regarding quick and easy access to Vegan meal options. I was so focused on getting my life together for week 3, that I produced a master grocery list. I have posted this handy list below. Be sure to check out the list, I have been able to feel confident about finding simple ingredients to put together easy and delicious meals.


About The Master Grocery List: These are items I like to keep stocked in my pantry, freezer and fridge. If I have them in stock, I do not purchase duplicates with each weekly trip to the grocery store. I shop at primarily at Safeway and whatever I cannot find there can be found at Whole Foods. This list helps me to remember the basic groceries I need to have a great Vegan week of meals including; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. All items are dairy free (DF) and I also try to keep my groceries gluten free and grain free when possible.

Weekly Stats

Bloat: I have been doing better with my bloat. I have a clear idea of what veggies give me bloat/gas at this point in the challenge. That is still collard greens and cabbage but, I will still eat them because I love them. I just keep the Gas X on standby for any time I feel it’s necessary. I am drinking more lemon water and that is really helping my bloat also. I also love doing meditation and deep breathing it is helping with focus on consciously eating my food versus unconsciously inhaling my food, which produces more gas.

Mood Swings: My mood has still been pretty stable this week. I have been trying to get my home life routine up and running, so I can have more time to get my day-to-day work accomplished. I notice the more I get accomplished in the day, the better my mood tends to be.

Tired: I still feel tired and I am wondering if it’s about sleep training. I am trying to get my body to wake up at 5AM in the morning. I used to be able to jump right out of bed and then get right into my routine. But with summer schedules comes great responsibility, and I needed to get some rest from the pace of the school year. I will try to be patient about it.

Tech and Strategy: This week the Vegan master grocery list I came up with is what has made my meal making at home easier. I also have been making a super yummy Yam Breakfast Bread. I have been looking for sweet potatoes at the grocery store and have had no such luck of success. Not happy about that one bit, but the yam bread has been a super way to prep an easy breakfast for 3-5 days (time saver!).

Skin: My skin is looking a bit better this week. The lemon water is helping. I am also getting more into weekly skin care including, derma rolling and a weekly clay mask just help detox my skin.

Family: My family has been agreeable. There is still some tension between my Vegan meal planning and their Paleo meal planning and the sharing of meals. I can tell we are trying to do our best to coexist/ intersect and get along but I also sense that when the 30 days are up, I will return to my Paleo life for two reasons. Reason 1, I am sensing and missing the simplicity of having one meal plan in the home. Reason 2, I understand that successful Veganism takes more than 1 try and I don’t want to try and force the lifestyle on my first try. I want it to come naturally. I think my confidence will increase with each 30-day trial of veganism. I plan to continue the 30-Day Vegan Challenge a few times a year until I am mentally and emotionally ready to become fully a part of the Vegan lifestyle.

Outside Factors: I’m still waiting to get my car replaced AKA I need to start my research for car shopping. I do not like car shopping at all. I have been home more, as I am working from home this summer. My husband has been taking the car to do his work. Resultantly, I have not been getting to the gym as much. I am still been getting over a cold so I have been listening closely to my body and just taking it easy.

Keep the fun going, read my post from last week here:





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