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Week 4 of The 30 Day Vegan Challenge Recap! I Made it 30 Days!

Week number four!!!!!! I made it!

I am super excited and surprised that the 30 Day Vegan Challenge was not more difficult or taxing. I made it up until the last few days of the challenge before even having a hint of a meat craving. This challenge was so fun and challenging, I look forward to picking another month in the next three months to do another 30 days at complete veganism.

So what did I learn from completing my first 30 days into the world of veganism?

1. I am capable of eating more meals with vegetables than I had imagined.

The fun for me as a foodie was to create delicious meals that my family enjoyed without considering if it was a meatless dish. I found that I still crave a few of my favorite Vegan meals from the challenge. Doing this challenge has stretched my culinary skills to use ingredients and foods that I was curious about before starting my journey. I now feel like I understand tofu and Tempeh in a new and delicious way.

2. My family will support me.

My family supported me on this challenge and for me this was monumental in my success. My husband for the most part joined in and enjoyed the meals but we are a Paleo family so it can be tricky to have two different diets in action at the same time. My husband asked a few times when my challenge would be over and we did have a harder time intersecting our meal plans towards the end of the challenge but we made it. I understand that change is hard and building a routine will help smooth the transition as I continue to have a 30 Day Vegan Challenge every season to cleanse my body and to challenge my mind. It’s a win win.

3. My skin did start glowing in week 4!!!!!

In week one I was hopeful of getting that beautiful glowing skin that all the vegan folks seem to have. On day 30, I finally noticed the inner glow basking all over my face! I am so excited for the glow. My water intake has improved dramatically.

4. My energy retention was higher when I was Paleo.

I didn’t want to believe this one to be true, and I had several mental fights trying to wait for the massive energy baseline to return from Paleo-hood. It did not come in my 30-Day trial. I was awake and all, but I find that my energy was better retained when I practiced my Paleo lifestyle. I think this could be as a result to knowing what to eat as a Paleoist and being pretty confident about how much to eat, what and when. The energy slump could also be due to my stress from figuring out how to become more regimented and familiar with veganism on the go and managing all of the life surprises that happened in the course of the 30 days.

5. I like the Vegan life but I choose not to Force any outcome.

As far as letting my Paleo life go and converting to Veganism, I’m not ready to commit. I am also a very big vegan lifestyle enthusiast. I enjoy the meals and the message and the minimalism. I also enjoy the Paleo lifestyle and will opt to be eclectic for now. I don’t like feeling like choosing a side unless I have a moral commitment and for the debate of veganism and Paleoism I choose themes from both. This may change as I continue to delve into Veganism but I am not one to live for the cameras (audience), I have got to be honest to myself and this is where I stand with confidence in my life and today.

I hope you enjoyed being a part of the journey with me, It feels good to make it out of the challenge as a champion. I plan to share a favorite recipe for Vegan chocolate chip cookies in the near future. Let’s celebrate with cookies! Stay tuned and stay glorious!

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