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DIY: Shabby Chic & Minimalist Jewelry Storage Organizer

I have been waiting to have a few days uninterrupted to complete my bedroom makeover.  Back in late winter my last jewelry storage organizer was broken and I bought supplies to make another. I looked at the supplies every day until this week when I finally had the mojo to create another jewelry storage wall unit.

What do you know, it literally only took seven minutes to make!

I used very simple tools and the project was very affordable.


Chicken wire

Mounted style picture frame of any size

Cup hooks (2)

Saw Tooth Brackets (2)

Wooden Dahl (5/16 x36)


Remove the picture frame from it’s packaging. Take out the glass plate cover of the frame, use the glass plate as a template to cut out the correct dimensions for the chicken wire. Be sure to use heavy duty wire scissors to cut the chicken wire, also protect your hands by wearing gloves. To help ensure the best fit for the chicken wire screen, be sure to cut on the grade of the chicken wire line, be sure to cut away any stray pieces of pokey wire. Once you have your chicken wire screen complete you can layer the picture frame back together. I layered my frame with the chicken wire screen at the base, then I layered in the glass screen, then the mounted frame insert followed by the blank side of the picture frame paper insert, then finally the back supporting frame screen.

I pulled the picture frame “kick stand” off of the back supporting frame. Next I screwed two cup hooks into the bottom of my Jewelry organizer. Next, I added two saw tooth brackets to the top of the jewelry organizer, this helps to make the frame capable of holding more weight. Finally, I measured my wooden dahl to match the length of my jewelry organizer and then cut it, I used a kitchen knife like a saw (easy).

At this point all that is left to do is hang your jewelry organizer up and insert the wooden dahl into the cup ring hooks.

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In the video below, I walk you through each simple step of this fun DIY:


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