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How To Make A: Cut Out Sports Bra DIY

I am back on a fitness kick and super excited to get out the house and get fit! I tried to go out and do just that the other day, but realized my sports bra was missing. I am a runner and there is no running without the proper running equipment i.e. support.

What to do?

I decided to… demolish a dress from my closet in the name of fitness. I made a simple and cute sports bra featuring a cute cut out feature in the front! This project took 20 minutes as a beginner sewist, but the results are very exciting!



1 Yard of Stretch Fabric ( I used an old maxi dress)

Sports Bra or Fitted Tank top (use as template)

Fabric Scissors


Sewing Machine


Step 1: Layer your fabric double print side in. Place your sports bra/ fitted tank top on top of the layered fabric. Pin to the fabric. Cut around the bra or tank top slowly. Fold the fabric in half to make sure to cut away any excess fabric, make sure both sides of your fabric are identical. Pin the two pieces of your fabric together (sides, arms, shoulder & neckline), be sure to leave the bottom portion open. Sew with a quarter inch inseam using a zig zag stitch. Clean up the excess fabric by cutting away any fabric beyond the quarter inch portion of your seam.You now have the back of your sports bra complete.

Step 2: To make the front of the sports bra use the back portion of your sports bra as a template. Repeat step 1.

Step 3: You now have the front of your sports bra. Fold it in half. Use the edge of the neckline as a guide,  trace your finger down to the bottom of the front and gently cut a half moon arch shape. The top of the arch should be no more than one inch at it’s highest point. Open the front of your sports bra fabric and pin just the arch portion. Be sure to leave the rest of the bottom of the sports bra open on both sides. Sew the arch in place. Turn both the front and back pieces of your sports bra print side out.

Step 4: Pin the front and back of the sports bra together at the top portion of the shoulder, and at the sides. Leave the armholes open.

Step 5: Use left over remaining stretch fabric to create a torso band. Use a strip of fabric that is 3 inches in height and the width of your waist. Fold the strip of fabric in half horizontally. Pin at the edge and sew in place. Flip the band print side out. Sew the ends together, this creates a torso band.

Step 6: Turn the sports bra inside out. Pin the torso band to the bottom of the sports bra. Align the torso band seam at the back of your sports bra. Stretch the fabric as you pin the band, this will help to makes sure you won’t have gaps in your stitching. Be sure not to pin the half moon cut out portion of your sports bra. Sew everything in place.

Step 7: Turn your sports bra print side out, and enjoy!

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Watch the video below, I walk you through all of the steps from start to finish:


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