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3 Simple Steps To Feel More Confident *Right Now!

So let’s talk about confidence. Do you feel confident? Do you have high confidence in social settings?

I have three simple tips that will help you feel more confidence, right now! These 3 steps are applicable for many different social scenarios including networking events, meeting and making new friends, and interacting professionally.

Tip #1-

Stand up straight. Good posture is an instant sign of confidence. If you are slouched over, your body language conveys a lack of confidence because you appear to be shrinking or cowering down. This is taking away your power physically and mentally. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and you spine straight. Standing up straight provides instant feelings of security versus when you position your body in a slouched position. If you want to take your confidence up another notch, place your hands on your hips. This is the ultimate power pose for CEO’s, entertainment professionals, and even Wonder Woman.

Tip #2-

Hold your head up. There is a saying and quite few songs out there to remind us of this practice. Holding your head up is similar to standing up straight. Holding your head up high in social settings demonstrates confidence and is as equally important as standing up straight. To feel more confidence you must stand up straight and hold your head up for the complete confidence physical package. Your chin should be should be at a parallel angle of 180 degrees. Let’s get regal, wear your imaginary crown, and don’t tip the crown for anyone.

Tip #3-

Hold and maintain eye contact. This means put your cell phone down. In a social setting it is ideal to make and hold eye contact in conversation. Holding comfortable and relaxed eye contact actually creates a sense of presence and connection in conversation but also showcases confidence and power. It is a social belief that when individuals avoid eye contact or hold conversations with sunglasses on, they may have something to hide. This may or may not be true, but here is a way to think about it; would you hire someone to provide a service or product to you or your family if they avoid eye contact or wear sunglasses while pitching their services or products? I wouldn’t.

Don’t just take if from me, there is a well-known Harvard Psychologist named Amy Cuddy who has proven research regarding power posture. Her research includes documentation of behavioral transformations that can occur from regular postured practice. This is where practice is proven to make perfect. Watch Ann Cuddy’s amazing Ted Talk below.


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