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Glory Recovery: 7 Day Self Care Challenge – How to Get Life Balance! (Free E- Book)


How is your Life treating you?

Breathe in slowly, and think about how the flow of your day has been going. Maybe you’re finding this post in the morning first thing after waking up. Maybe you are reading this while simultaneously doing your 9-5 job.

Maybe it’s just after 11 PM and you can’t sleep. Think about how the day has been, if it’s the end of your day and if you are just waking up, think about what intentions you have for this day.


Breathe out. Think about if you are emotionally and mentally content with your day to day life experiences. Is life as great and as fulfilling as it could be? Do you see room for improvement? Do you notice any hang ups or bang ups that have left a dent in your overall emotional or physical health?

Maybe it’s time to remove away that icky emotional congestion following you from thought to thought and action to action. Emotional congestion can feel like an invisible but solid weight on your chest.  Emotional congestion may also show up in physical symptoms and ailments. For example, a cold that is easily caught, a sore back, maybe you feel a nagging cramp in you neck for days on end or sleepless nights.

It could be worse, maybe there is a bout of depression or anxiety looming, and you feel it coming. How can you manage?

It is time that you let the world slow it’s pace, and it is time to invest in your Self Care tool box. Practicing self care can help shift your entire view of your lifestyle. Self Care can create clarity and discipline in self love. Self Care will help you to reconnect with your authentic core self. Self Care can help clear out any lingering emotional congestion if you are diligent in it’s practice.

Have you taken the Glory Recovery 7 Day Self Care Challenge?

This is a multi-dynamic beginners level self care program. The challenge will only take 7 days to complete but results can be found within 24 hours of intentional practice.


This challenge will help you kick start your way to a healthier lifestyle and mindset. You deserve to thrive. This is also a great challenge to buddy up with a friend or partner, perhaps even take the challenge to work, if you feel it could help ease a stressful work environment.

You can be intentional and find a healthy state of peace to carry you through your day to day life.  You can get more done while exerting less energy emotionally and physically. How great is the day you wake up so excited to begin your day, that you spring out of bed with purpose and confidence to match.

Living is not based on consumption, true living is based on presence and peace to enjoy and create a life that is true and fulfilling.

With a few shifts in your day to day regimen you can reach more progress in life balance and authentic happiness. With almost a decade of professional social work experience, self care is something that I have seen be impactful for people from all walks of life.  In my experience families and individuals that practice great self care tend to be happier and healthier. The Glory Recovery 7 Day  Self Care Challenge  will help you to modify your lifestyle, and help you on the road to a happier life balance.


Click the link below to access The Glory Recovery 7 Day Self Care Challenge Free E-Book!

Glory Recovery 7 Day Self Care Challenge

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