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My Ancestry DNA Results (ancestry.com)

My Ancestry DNA Results are in. I wanted to share them with you to inspire and encourage you to consider starting your journey back to your ancestry (if you haven’t thus far). Knowing and understanding your ancestry is a great tool for feeling solid and more at home in the world. I will tell you all about my experience.

A month ago, I ordered a ancestry.com DNA kit. It was sent to me within the same week of my order being placed. After receiving the kit, I followed the simple instructions and mailed the kit back to ancestry.com testing labs for processing.

This is the time that my palms started to get sweaty and and my mind began to race. I wasn’t sure why I was nervous, later I realize that this was likely excitement and curiosity at most. There was also a little bit of fear of what I have known to be true my entire life possibly being revealed as a lie.

During this time, I created some simple predictions of what I thought my DNA ancestry may include:

90% African

7% Native American

3% European

A month later, I received an email from ancestry.com notifying me that my test results were available. I was nervous about opening the results and paused to steady myself. I had no idea what the test would say, I was under the impression that my family was a blend of African and Native ancestry primarily, but the percentiles of the actual regions of my heritage was an eye opening and exciting surprise.

My Results:

85% African: 27% Cameroon/ Congo, 26% Benin/ Togo, 18% Nigeria, 5% Ivory Coast/ Ghana, 5% Senegal, 2% South Central Africa, 2% Mali

12% European: 4% West Europe, 3% Great Britain, 2% Scandinavia, 1% Finland, 1% Ireland, 1% Iberian peninsula

2% Asia Central (Pakistan/ Iran Region)

1% Native American

So from these results I felt some relief. I was excited to have a home base or a starting point to learn more about my ancestry. I’m excited to research more about Cameroon/ Congo and to learn about Benin/ Togo and Nigeria. I would love to connect and see and live more in my ancestral roots.

I also hope to see other members of my family complete their ancestry testing so they also can enjoy more of the unique landscape of our ancestral past. I also hope that you will consider taking a step to find out more about your ancestral past as well. The DNA kits can be kind of pricey averaging in cost of 100.00$. But if you are looking for a coupon, retailmenot.com  and Facebook are likely to have one available.

There is also and opportunity to just talk to your parents and extended relatives to learn more about your families ancestry and also most public libraries offer public records dating back several generations. Start where you can.

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