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Easy No Sew Running Belt Hack DIY (Flip Belt Inspired)

Being physically healthy and fit is an advantage to being emotionally and mentally fit as well. I wanted to share a simple fitness hack I stumbled upon… using a simple everyday item from your underwear drawer. Let me explain.

A while a go a started using my bandeau bra top as a running belt. I also find it useful when I do house work; I love to listen to podcasts and music so I am overjoyed that my bandeau running belt is so easy to use.

Taking the awesome points up several notches, the bandeau bra top also happens to make a great bra top for daytime or bedtime. This is a win for minimalism!

Q: Where can I find a bandeau top?

It depends on preference. I have seen them at thrift stores and department stores, ROSS Dress for Less and online. has a bunch of different styles and options.  If you purchase a bandeau bra top to wear as a running belt make sure it is in the style that has modesty cup inserts.  You can pull the cup inserts out and then store  your phone and keys in the the empty cup “pocket”. I like to trifold (fold three times) my bandeau top to keep my phone centered and secure when jogging or cleaning.

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Watch the video below for an easy to follow demonstration:


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