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Are You Wearing Your Confidence & Success?

Confidence is built via self care in some ways. When looking at how we dress most Wellness Educators may say “it’s what’s inside that counts”, I say “yes and” to this type of statement. Who you are on the inside is the most important facet of identity, authentic self and spirit, however the way you dress communicates several messages to others about who you are, but more importantly; you’re sending a message to yourself as well.

What are you wearing right now? If you saw someone else walking around in what you have on right now, would you be inspired or underwhelmed? This is the way I think for clothing items in my personal wardrobe. The rule of my wardrobe is to meet three simple requirements; style, function and comfort.

Style: Does this match my personality and outwardly express my creativity? Do I feel stylish?

Function: Does it serve purpose for the environment and people I will interact with?

Comfort: Will I be comfortable wearing this for 8 plus hours? Or for the full length of an event? Is my outfit physically or mentally distracting? Does it fit properly? Is it clean/ stain free?

These requirements help me to determine what to wear and is an easy and important way to provide self care. If you want to build confidence make sure how you treat yourself is conveyed in your wardrobe. Feel more self love through dressing with confidence. Wear items that make you happy, items that allow you to feel special. Spend time on your hair. Put on a little makeup if your a makeup person. Although makeup is not for everyone, adding a dash of tinted moisturizer and a dab of Chapstick can serve great purpose as well.

Doing these simple things can help build confidence because you are investing time and energy into loving yourself. You are connecting with your authentic self in a tangible manner and bringing who you are on the inside out to greet yourself and the world. Wearing your confidence has  potential inspire others to do the same.

Disclaimer: Not everyone is a dress, skirt, skinny pant fan. My Fall Style Lookbook below is true to who I am. If you prefer to wear other items, that’s ok. I am just encouraging you to wear whatever you like with confidence.

Below I have 4 Fall Looks I want to share that demonstrate this concept in action.


Look #1:

Bell Sleeve Sweater (Upcycled Poncho/ Free), Black Cropped Skinny Jeans (F21/ 10$), Clarks Leather Black Booties (Gifted)

Look #2:

Minimalist Reversible 3/4 Sleeve Tee (DIY), Ankara Circle Skirt (DIY), Charcoal Gray Booties (Old Navy/ 20$)

Look #3:

Minimalist Reversible 3/4 Sleeve Tee (DIY), Ankara Pencil Skirt (DIY), Charcoal Gray Booties (Old Navy/ 20$)

Look #4:

Gray Cardigan Uniqlo Sweater (Goodwill /5$), Sleeveless Button Down Dress Shirt (Ross/ 16$), Skinny Cropped Uniqlo Pant (Uniqlo/ 20$), Faux Suede Fringe Booties (Old Navy/ 20$

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Watch the video below for more details:

(When the video reaches 100 “Likes”, I will produce the Minimalist Reversible 3/4 Sleeve Tee DIY tutorial)


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