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Glory Wellness Kit: A Realistic Wellness Kit For Day to Day Professionals

The day Has arrived! The Glory Wellness Kit for Stress Relief is here!

I have been working on this project behind the scenes for several weeks on end, and it is now worthy and ready to meet the public. The mission of Crafts And Glory is to provide practical wellness into your everyday life, and this wellness kit does just that. I love the idea of having complete access to wellness methods and tools 24/7 as everyone deserves to have a few self care tools in the wellness tool box.

I come from a background where self care and refreshment only seemed plausible on the weekends. My expectations shifted with practice and application of self care methods that actually work for the day to day professional. I wanted to serve up some practical and fun self care and stress relief options that can be accessed in a work place as well as easily applied after hours and on the go!

The Glory Wellness Kit is made for the 3 R’s, Refreshment, Relaxation and Recreation. Whether your working 40+ hours a week, managing family and home or simply trying to manage your busy day to day life; this Wellness Kit is going to go the distance with you and will help you to prioritize your health and happiness. Time to glorify your life!

Ideal for the day-to-day professional:
Because the Glory Wellness Kit contains many opportunities to incorporate practical wellness into daily life, self-care becomes easier to explore and enjoy. No need to wait until the weekends to take good self care. As a Wellness Educator and Business professional, I know practicing self care is priceless! You can have absolute peace with regular self care practice.

Did you know?
The relationship between practicing self-care and feeling confidence is very close. Investing time in self creates the reaction of others also wanting to invest attention, time and resources as well. The more time you dedicate to connecting and honoring self, the more confident you will become. Confidence can make all the difference in being successful in your professional and personal life. Who doesn’t want to feel confident in their personal life? And who doesn’t love a nice promotion or professional acknowledgements?

What’s In The Kit?

1. Intention Journal: It can be helpful to greet each morning by setting an intention for the day. The Intention Journal is an excellent place to list an intention for your day. You can also use the intention journal at bedtime for journaling, gratitude tracking, or for whatever inspires you.

2. Mantra Band: How great is it to have a physical reminder throughout the day to help gently reinforce the focus of the morning intention. The bracelet is made of silver and has a simplistic opaque bead to coordinate the singular nature of intention while offering a subtle accent to the most versatile or minimalistic of wardrobes.

3. Tea Infused Lollipop: Lemon Balm Herb is a great for stress and anxiety relief. This Tea Infused Lollipop is a sweet treat with a wellness twist. Be sure to make time to treat yourself.
(Ingredients: Sugar, Cane Sugar, Lemon Balm Herb, Distilled Water, Cinnamon Flavor Oil).

4. Shampoo Bar Mini: This mini shampoo bar is an all-natural soap perfect for cleansing hair, face and body. Enjoy a natural and practical 3-in-one cleanser.
(Distilled Water, Lye, Coconut oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, honey, Bentonite Clay, Essential Oils)

5. Aroma Therapy Sachet: Aromatherapy can be soothing to experience. Lavender oil is especially beneficial for enhancing an atmosphere for relaxation. Aromatherapy sachets are excellent for refreshing sock drawers, shoes, or coat closets.
(Ankara Cotton Fabric, Rice, and Pure Lavender Essential Oil)

6. Lavender TX: Lavender TX is a two-ingredient aromatherapy perfume/ cologne. Adding Lavender TX to pulse points throughout the day and at bedtime can provide excellent relaxation and mood refreshment.
(Lavender Essential Oil, Grapeseed Oil)

7. Detox Bath- Taking a mineral bath has many benefits including stress relief, energy retention and soothing sore muscles. Taking a bath every day may be
difficult for some schedules, but a monthly bath is a nice goal with this aromatherapy detox bath!
(Mineral Salt, Epsom Salt, Seaweed Powder, Bentonite Clay, Lavender Essential Oil)

8. Herbal Tea Sample (Lemon Balm Herb): organic herbs are excellent for adding practical wellness into daily life. Lemon Balm Herb has many benefits for relief of stress, anxiety and sleeping disruptions. Lemon Balm Herb is excellent herb to drink as a tea, you can use Lemon Balm Herb for savory cooking or for baking.

Be sure to purchase a Wellness Kit! They are hand crafted in small batches for highest quality.

Click Here to Order: “Buy A Wellness Kit

Want More practical ways to incorporate Self Care into your every day life? Of course you do!

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