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September Wellness Favorites 2015

The month of September is almost over and that is perfect timing to share my wellness favorites for the month!

I am intrigued by all things wellness and love to research and share any really cool or practical discoveries I find. Generally my favorites list will be shorter but packed with wellness magic!

Let the sharing begin!

  1. Lavender Treatment Oil: This Lavender treatment oil is actually sold in the Glory Wellness Kits I make a la Crafts and Glory. I love using the the Lavender Treatment Oil because of the aromatherapy benefits and how relaxing it is. I use it on myself, my kids, and my husband uses it too. It is great for a mood refresher whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or want to shift my energy.
  2. Biotin Capsules (5,000 mcg): I have been working on growing my hair out. I find that simply taking biotin has been helpful to keep my hair healthy and to regain length. In the coming weeks I plan to share an updated hair growth oil recipe as well.
  3. Ginko Biloba: Since having children, I feel that my memory has shortened. I also think that I am attempting to do more multitasking and that is causing my focus and concentration to suffer. I have decided to take back my efforts. I have found Ginko Biloba to be helpful for both memory and concentration.
  4. Alarm Clock: Having a alarm clock that is disconnected from my cell phone has helped me wake up and have greater productivity and to focus on doing my morning routine. When I previously used my cell phone alarm clock, I would be distracted with texts and social media updates. Having a stand alone alarm clock has helped me curve my distraction based cell phone use.
  5. Lemon Balm Herb: Lemon Balm Herb is excellent for stress and anxiety relief. Another amazing benefit of Lemon Balm Herb is it’s excellent performance as a sleeping aid. I have been making Lemon Balm Herb Tea regularly to help with getting a deeper sleep.
  6. Music: Three artists have been on my play list  in the month of September. My musical taste is generally laid back. I appreciate a unique voice and music that is saying something or providing a message. The Internet, Alessia Cara and Kehlani have been excellent artists/ bands to enjoy in September. Check the links below if you want to check out their music.

The Internet:…

Alessia Cara:


I hope you enjoyed my monthly wellness favorites!

Watch the link below for more details:


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