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Being Vegan Vs. Paleo In My Experience & My Best Diet Conclusion

I have practiced Veganism and the Paleo lifestyle. In my opinion they seem to have a few similarities. I found the beauty in both lifestyles but realized that ultimately one was much better for my body to retain energy and run at optimum capacity.

So it may be worth it to share a little bit regrading each lifestyle, or I guess you could say my interpretation of each lifestyle. I did quite a bit of research before trying out either option. And I will be upfront and mention…I did not consult a nutritionist nor physician for additional input. I tried each diet and monitored my body’s performance pattern independently to determine what was working.

Let’s talk about living the Paleo lifestyle. I have been practicing the Paleo lifestyle since March 2015.  I started my Paleo journey  a few days after my birthday and my intent was mainly to have more energy and to build a stronger body. I started the Paleo diet where I was strict and adhered to the outline below.

A Disclaimer:


Paleo Rules:

-No Dairy

-No Beans/ corn

-No peanuts/ peanut butter

-No Grains/ Gluten

-No processed foods

-You can eat meat but it must be high grade protein (ie. farm raised, nitrate free, cruelty free, all natural, unpasteurized etc.)

-You are encouraged to eat fresh whole fruits and vegetables

My Paleo Recap:

I really enjoyed the first 30 days of the Paleo lifestyle. After day 30 I added some foods back into my diet that I missed, liked and/or that my body responded well to. My modified Paleo menu includes beans, corn, peanut butter and oats. Sometime it feels harder being Paleo because you have to make your own bread, crackers, candies etc., but I like to cook and after testing recipes; I have established some great Paleo go-to’s.

The Vegan Lifestyle Recap:

I tried a 30 day Vegan challenge where I followed a diet including:

-Fresh whole foods and vegetables

-No dairy

-No meat

-Gluten free  pasta

-Gluten free bread

-Vegan meat and dairy substitutes

My Vegan Recap:

I felt sluggish on the Vegan diet and I have some suspicions to why. I think ideally my body was very cranky about changing my Paleo diet with out tapering over to the Vegan diet. Some days I felt ok but never great or amazing as I was expecting. I understand that the Vegan diet may require more time to become more effective. I also realize that the Vegan diet is not going to be great for everyone who gives it a try. I did get a chance to try out some fun vegan recipes that I still enjoy including tofu spring rolls with homemade peanut sauce and some really tasty vegan desserts.

My Best Diet Conclusion:

When I listened to what my body needed I felt my best. This was more helpful than trying to follow friends or the media. If I want to increase my knowledge about my body and what it needs, I will plan to consult a nutritionist and my physician in order to get through blood work done. This will give me more information on how to optimize my body via my dietary intake.

I plan to maintain my Paleo Lifestyle with a few full Vegan days per week. I will likely follow up with a nutritionist and my doctor to keep being wise while curious about getting to optimal health for myself.

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