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The Secret of Affirmations, Mantras, Goal Setting- Small Tip for Big Results

Change starts with a vision. And a vision usually begins after looking and identifying  areas of opportunity or improvement. A part of approaching opportunities or areas of improvement, may involve use of affirmations or mantras to develop or promote a change worthy mindset.

As fun as affirmations and mantras are to create on the journey to change, there is an often overlooked action that can help speed up the rate of change on the journey.

What is an affirmation: a verbal or non verbal statement or thought with a positive focus for life or habit change.

Some individuals do quite well to simply practice affirmations and may see results. For myself, as a multi-tasking professional, I have found that stand alone affirmations often fall off of my radar within a couple of hours.

I have tried affirmations independently for areas of my own life over a few years.  However when I started to pair my affirmations and mantras with a small list of daily actions (in support of the affirmation), my ability to get same day progress became quite real. Below, I share a small tip to get the most out of your affirmations. It really works and I have found consistent results.

How to get the most out of your affirmations:

-Choose a small goal in support of the larger goal. Instead of affirming to be a millionaire in a years time, choose to affirm respecting money or creating a abundance mindset. Break down your big goal into sub goals. Look at what mentality or skills will be required. Start with those items for your tangible affirmations to act as a vehicle to get you to the bigger affirmation goal. Look at smaller ways you can work on the Affirmation in a tangible way every day. Start with a list of 2 or 3 actions you can take daily. Respect your daily actions and prioritize them. Be sure to accomplish your daily task list. Treat your daily tasks like a recipe to reach the larger goal. You will be on your way to visible progress.

For example:

Affirmation: I am a millionaire with a thriving and successful career.

Tangible Affirmation: Money and opportunities are in abundance for my life and career.

Daily to-do Check list:

  1. Check my bank account daily (maintain the relationship to my finances)
  2. Research/ practice of abundance mindset
  3. Research/ practice opportunities to earn extra money
  4. Research/ practice opportunities to save extra money

The example above is really about creating small practical steps to keep you connected to the goal and larger affirmation. With regular practice of simply adding a daily to do check list towards your larger goal, you will find that the results will start to happen and the mindset for change will be strengthened and continue to grow.

Give this approach to tangible affirmations a try and you will find the results close behind.

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