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Fruit Infused Coconut Water DIY Recipe ( Agua Fresca)

Hydration provides many benefits to our heath, appearance and focus. For some, the actual “non flavor” of plain water is what may get in the way of hydrating. Why not make hydration easy or fun. Today, I am sharing a simple recipe to make delicious fruit infused coconut water. This recipe works nicely for children and adults alike.

You will Need:


Hand Held Mesh Strainer

Fruit of your Choice (fruit that will yield high juice content, ex. berries, melon, citrus fruits)


2 C. Coconut Water

3/4 C – 1 C Fruit


Pour coconut water and fruit into a blender. Mix until the fruit is completely cohesive with the coconut water. Next, pour your fruit blended coconut water through a hand held mesh strainer to separate the pulp (store the pulp in the freezer for future smoothies). Store your fruit infused coconut water in the refrigerator to set one hour to increase the flavor content. You can double, triple and quadruple the recipe. You can also dilute the recipe if you prefer less fruit.

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