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Confident Leadership Academy E.2: How to Improve Outcomes/ Goal Setting

Welcome back to the Confident Leadership Academy! This is the second installment of the Confident Leadership Academy Series. Today we are going to discuss how to maintain your learning stance to become a Confident Leader.

Maintaining your learners stance is essentially being able to keep an open mind and to ask curious and authentic questions around opportunities and areas for improvement. Generally asking curious questions with grace does take practice, but it is easier to do once you apply the authentic question formula (written below).

Let’s take a look at some benefits of asking authentic questions and being authentically open minded in confident leadership.

-You don’t have to know it all, you get to invite others into the discovery process, which is an act of empowerment.

– You haven’t already decided an answer to the question, the answers may surprise you or open up your perspective regarding problem solving.

– Asking questions will lead to an opportunity to find unexpected solutions for problem solving.

-Asking questions will lead to an opportunity to use creativity in your approach to problem solving. When you are curious and asking questions you have unique feedback which will allow for creativity in problem solving.

-Using curiosity allows for possibility  and possibility is useful for change and improvements for problem solving and streamlining.

Now that we have an idea of the benefits and features of asking authentic questions and authentically opening your mind in your work and leadership, lets look at a the formula of an authentic question. Try to find the answer by asking others and consider your own perspective as well.

How to ask an authentic question regarding problem solving (4 problem solving questions):

-Consider why the situation may be the way it is.

-What are the benefits of the situation remaining as it is?

-How did the issue come into practice?

-What does everyone need? Need is more important than want.

Once you have the information necessary to address the 4 problem solving questions, you are ready to bring your information together to create one question to talk with your decision makers, that may be your team, that may be your bosses or both.

In the video below, I discuss weekly team meetings.

The issue: My team meetings sometimes felt unproductive and long winded. The team was overworked and needed the team meetings to be organized and useful to manage work demands. Our company was gaining new clients faster than we were capable of hiring more staff. No one had made conscious time to edit the team meetings for efficiency, however the need of efficient and impactful meetings was needed for the team.

The Question:

Considering the influx of new staff and the importance of the work we are doing; I see the value of our limited time to meet just once a week. What are some ways we can stream line our meetings to get more impact?

This is a useful question, it speaks to goals that your team is likely to support and share ideas to test and try. With more testing, trying and cooperation; successful results will happen with consistent practice.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Confident Leadership Academy Course information.

*Watch the video below for more details.


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