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How to Make A Turban Hat & Satin Bonnet: A 2-In-1 DIY ( Beginner Sewing- Natural Hair Accessories)

Hi Friends,

Today I was inspired to make a Satin Turban Hat/ Satin Bonnet. It was the simplest design I could think of. This Turban hat/ satin bonnet is great for day wear on a bad hair day and I love to wear this turban hat at bedtime to protect my hair from drying out. My goal was to make a turban hat that would actually stay put while sleeping and while running errands. Success is what happened my friends.

Supplies you will Need:

1 yard Satin Fabric


Sewing Machine


Measuring tape

Well Fitting Hat for Template


Fold your satin fabric in half horizontally. Lay the fabric on a flat surface and cut two 4 inch strips from the left or right end of the fabric.

Unfold  each strip, the length should be around 60 inches by 4 inches. Fold the fabric in half length wise, pin in place. Sew in place. Repeat this step for the second strip of fabric as well. Once both strips of fabric are sewn in place flip them print side out.

Next, take both strips of fabric and lay them horizontally on the ground parallel to each other. Loop one strip of fabric through the other strip of fabric to form an x, then match both sides of one strip to one side leaving a knot in the middle. This will be the turban band detail.

Next, match the edges of both sides of the turban band satin strip where they meet at the center, pin together. Sew in place. Repeat from the opposite side of the turban band satin strip.

If you would like you can hemn the edges of the turban band strips ( I left the ends of the strips frayed) .

Now it’s time to make the cap.

Measure the height and circumference of your head. My head was 26 inches in circumference and 8 inches in height from my ears to the mid point of the top of my head. Keep your satin fabric folded double.

Place your template hat on top of the fabric, verify your measurements on your fabric with a washable marker and cut around the fabric in the shape of a half oval.

Pin the center of the hat, just the curve of the fabric. You can add pleats as you pin if you would like. Sew in place.

Turn the cap portion of your hat outside out and hemn the bottom of the hat. I recommend a double fold hemn because it will keep the hat from fraying.

Now we can connect, the satin cap to the turban band strips to finish our hat/ bonnet.

Turn the hat upside down and find the center seam. Match the center seam with the knot loop of the turban band strip. Pin together where the edges of the fabric meet. Leave an opening at the loop of about a half inch and then start pinning. Pin all the way to the back inseam of the hat, stop pinning 3 inches before the inseam on both sides. This will create the ability to tie the bonnet as tight or as loose as you would like. Sew everything down.

You are now finished! Easy right?

watch the video below for the step by step process and demo:

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