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Confident Leadership Academy E.3: Why & How to Practice Self Care at Work + 5 Work Place Self Care Ideas

Self Care is something that feels rather “buzz wordy” these days and I get it. Self Care is something that is mentioned in multiple magazines, Starbucks mugs, and by life gurus including Oprah and so on. However, I love seeing Self Care go mainstream, because awareness can really help change lives.

But, there is a small issue with using a buzz word such as Self Care; sometimes people may not include an explanation nor any practical points of application, so you may have feelings of elusive knowledge and no place to go.

Worry not, we are going to talk about what Self Care is a little and we are also going to look at why Self Care is important and, practical ways you can put Self Care to practice at work.

To begin, it is helpful to talk about what Self Care is. I like to describe Self Care as, an individualized time to quiet your mind and body, away from distraction to reflect and recharge (your mind & body) for refreshed energy to live your life more peacefully.

Why is Self Care so important at work?

There was a study I read about recently, where 65% of employed American citizens voiced that their number one point of stress was work or work related. And the number one opportunity to prevent work related stress is going to be regular practice of Self Care. I noticed that when I started to implement Self Care practice into my work day, I started to feel more in control of my mood and my ability to concentrate, to get my work done. Before, I often felt like I was putting out fires from the time I entered the office and all the way home post work day. Self Care practice at work changed that for me.

How to Practice Self Care at Work?

I wanted to be sure to share practical and realistic Self Care methods to try in your work place. This week I am going to list them. Next week, I am going to elaborate more on each method (so stay tuned).

  1. Go for a office walk every hour or every other hour (great for energy + a mental refreshment boost).
  2. Continue to hydrate throughout the day (energy boost).
  3. Stretch (Energy & Comfort).
  4. Stand up during your meetings (other people usually will join you- they want energy too).
  5. Meditate (use the “quiet” room or a spare conference room, even 4-5 minutes can give you big results).

I hope you found this weeks Confident Leadership Academy Course information valuable.

*Watch the video below for more details.


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