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Confident Leadership Academy E.4: The 7 Day Self Care Challenge & You’re invited!

Welcome back to The Confident Leadership Academy. Today we will continue our discussion regarding Self Care and Leadership.

To start our conversation today, I want to talk about a free E-book that has really helped me with getting my Self Care regimen updated for each season. We are heading into late fall and Winter territory where adjustments will likely be important for your Self Care regimen. Cold weather, rain and the holidays make it important to increase/ alter your self care regimen to make sure you are in a great place to be your best and give your best to your work, and personal life.


The 7 Day Self Care Challenge is great because it includes multiple styles of useful self care ideas and tips for any season, and it organizes the approach to building a meaningful and practical self care regimen. This makes it more likely that you will build and maintain your regimen and get results. And the ultimate goal I wish for you is success in your self care journey so you can approach life with more refreshment and a peaceful mindset.

Why is self Care important in Leadership?

There is so many great reasons! To name a few, focus is improved when you practice Self Care, health, mood, patience, peace, joy, perspective, authenticity, relationships, self confidence and insight  all increase in the process of practicing quality Self Care. Quality self care means consistent practice and bonus points for multiple times a day! Some may balk at the expectation of practicing Self Care multiple times a day but if your Self Care regimen is practical to your lifestyle it will not be hard to make the time for consistent practice.

Join me:

I will be starting the 7 Day Self Care Challenge on Friday Nov.13 and will report back after I complete day 7. I invite you to join me  for the journey, or you can choose to start your Self Care challenge whenever you feel ready to do more with self care.

To find out more about the 7 Day Self Care Regimen click here:


Click here to print the E-book:

Glory Recovery 7 Day Self Care Challenge

I hope you found this weeks Confident Leadership Academy Course information valuable.


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