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Confident Leadership Academy E.5: Self Care Results & Wellness Kits

I am one day shy of completing my 7 Day Self Care Challenge and it has been a blast. Some of the features that I appreciated most were the limited time spent on social media and the extra quiet time.

We all need a break sometimes.

I had four big take-aways from my week doing the Self Care Challenge. I feel refreshed and more focused than I have over the last few months…dare I say an actual recharge has happened.


Self Care even with practice did not necessarily shut my mind off completely. I still had moments of overwhelm but it helped to slow my thinking and processing down. I really enjoyed meditation as a method to stay centered.

I was able to be more present for my kids. I have two children and they are so different but because I was more present minded this week, I noticed that I was able to connect with my kids more deeply and cater my communication to match each of their personalities more intentionally. As a result my kids were more responsive and engaged with me than I recall happening before. It could be my children reflecting my example and if so, that would be totally priceless.

Dealing with disappointment, this week I experienced a business related disappointment. I booked a speaking event and promoted the event, shared my excitement with my friends and family and due to limits on communication, my speaking at the event did not happen. It took a few days to recover from the ordeal but I believe the Self Care Challenge allowed for me to recover in a few days because I was more present. This is the best reminder that Self Care does help speed up recovery from high stress and high emotion experiences.

Finally, I feel more clarity from my social media vacation this week. As a result I find that I am less interested in social media all together. As a result I have spent more time listening to music, reading, reaching out to friends and getting into word finds.

I enjoyed the challenge and encourage you give it a try! More information can be found in the previous post, just click the link below for full access.

Self Care Challenge Info

Now, onto the Confident Leadership Wellness Kits:

I will be giving away a Wellness Kit in November, December and January. For the directions on how to enter the giveaway, watch the video below.

For more information on what is included in the Wellness Kits, click the link below:

Wellness Kit Info

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