About Me

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Brandi Jackson is a Confident Leadership Coach, who is passionate about helping ambitious leaders live an authentic and fulfilling professional lifestyle. With nearly a decade in social work experience,  her work has impacted individuals to move towards rewarding life change. Brandi also has over 7 years of professional experience working in corporate and government companies where she has helped her team increase morale, helped create organizational changes for productivity, increased team work  and increased confident leadership presence among her staff and co-workers.

Brandi brings her message of Leadership and Wellness to a worldwide audience through her empowerment based company called Crafts And Glory. Her message is also presented via Leadership based speaking events, Leadership coaching, Leadership workshops, and producing Wellness content for craftsandglory.com and the Crafts & Glory YouTube channel.

Her clients enjoy many benefits: Becoming more productive and efficient, Increasing Confident Leadership Presence and navigating high stress  situations successfully.



  1. for the life of me i can’t find your subscribe button lol so pls sign me up to your newsletter and enter me for your wellness kit giveaway. Once i submit this commit, you’ll have my email 🙂


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