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Leadership coaching for corporate Mid Management and Team Leaders. A comprehensive focus on Sustainable Leadership, Life Balance and Productivity. What would make your career more enjoyable, fulfilling and impactful? How do you want to see your career change? In the next 3 months, 6 months, and what about a year from today?

Book a complimentary Goal Analysis Call, where we can talk about your leadership goals. These calls are great to build clarity and gauge compatibility to work together. The complimentary call is 45 minutes to 1 hour  in length, this is an essential time commitment to create the highest quality conversation where we can work together to uncover and analyze your goals for Confident Leadership, Life Balance and Productivity.

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Speaking about Confident Leadership, Life Balance, and Productivity is my passion. Email Brandi Jackson for business inquiries at

lead lab


FUN multidimensional and multi-sensory workshop for corporate professionals. The Leadership Lab Workshop focuses on practical ways to build leadership skills, increase productivity, and stress navigation. This workshop incorporates using our 5 senses  for problem solving, stress relief and leadership to increase fulfillment and productivity. This interactive workshop is designed to range from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Send Leadership Lab inquiries to:

Wellness E-Books:


Take the Glory Recovery 7 Day Self Care Challenge! This is E-book provides practical self care planning, organizing and tips to build a solid self care regimen. Take the challenge and get the balanced life you seek. This self care challenge can be modified  for practice by parents with children, in an office setting, or in other social groups.

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